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Programs and Events

Leadership Development for Women

Seven outstanding community leaders participated in our International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) on “Leadership Development for Women” March 5-23, 2011.  The participants include: 

Ms. Leopoldine Dalberis Cité Soleil League of Women
Ms. Marie Carmelle Dorceus Foundation “Cultural Center for Children”
Ms. Yolette Gervais Haitian Foundation for Environmental Development
Ms. Stéphanie Jean-Francois Foundation for Reproductive Health and Family Education
Ms. Berthilde Jean-Louis Association for the training of Educators in the North
Ms. Raphaelle Pierre Radio IBO
Ms. Betty Valcin Youth Civic Action

The Haitian delegation had the opportunity to visit national community leaders in Miami, Rochester, Washington, Kansas City, and Los Angeles.   The program allowed these women to engage in in-depth conversations with organizations focused on women’s issues. Together they discussed current and potential leadership roles for women and innovative ways to increase economic development opportunities for women. The exchange program provided them with an overview of social, political, and economic systems in the U.S. and the role these systems play in the decision-making process at municipal, state, and federal levels.  The participants also had the opportunity to examine leadership roles of businesswomen and how women’s involvement in the economic process can strengthen community development.  They observed the roles that educational institutions and non-profit organizations play in empowering and supporting women in political and economic leadership roles.

The participants commented that the IVLP on “Leadership Development for Women” was the most rewarding experience in their lifetime.  They have already begun using the knowledge and experience they acquired during the program to make extraordinary improvements not only in their personal lives but more importantly in their communities.  The Embassy wishes them much success and prosperity in their missions.