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How to Schedule an Appointment

If you have not already paid the visa processing fee at Sogebank, follow the New Non-Immigrant Visa Application Procedure below to pay the fee and make an interview appointment.  If you did already pay the fee at Sogebank, follow the Sogebank Receipt Application Procedure below to schedule your appointment.

New Non-Immigrant Visa Application Procedure

1.  Complete your DS-160 Online Visa Application at Retain your DS-160 Confirmation Number – you will need this confirmation number to pay your visa fee and make an appointment.

2.  Visit and create user profile.

3.  Follow the prompts to select the correct visa category and enter your DS-160 Confirmation Number when asked. This will allow you to generate a deposit slip to make your visa fee payment.

4.  Take your visa fee deposit slip to any SOGEXPRESS and make your visa fee payment.

5.  The following business day after you make your visa fee payment, you will be able to schedule an appointment online at or by phone through the Call Center. This service is free of charge.

6.  The day of your appointment you should bring a copy of your appointment confirmation, which includes two barcodes at the bottom of the page. You should also bring all of the necessary forms and documents required for your appointment, including a photo taken within the past six months and your valid passport.

7.  Applicants will be able to pick up their passports at no additional cost from one of three Haiti Messager locations in Port-au-Prince, Jacmel or Cap Haitian. You must specify the location when you schedule your appointment.

Sogebank Receipt Application Procedure

1.  Complete your DS-160 Online Visa Application at

2.  Submit the application and print your confirmation receipt.

3.  Have a photo taken that meets these requirements.

4.  Schedule your interview at  You will need the Barcode Number from your completed DS-160 application form and the 6-digit red number from your Sogebank receipt to complete the process.

5.  Print the appointment confirmation and bring it with you to your interview together with your photo, valid passport, Sogebank receipt, DS-160 application confirmation form and any other documents supporting your application.

When your visa is approved, you will need to make arrangements with the courier service located within the U.S. Consular Section to have your passport delivered to you. This service costs USD $10.00 per passport.


Due to biometrics processing procedures, we are unable to issue visas the day of the interview. All applicants are encouraged to apply for visas well in advance. Appointments cannot be expedited simply because you purchased your tickets. You should not buy your plane tickets unless you have a valid visa in your possession.

Visiting the Embassy

  • When you come to the U.S. Embassy, you must go through a security check similar to an airport.  DO NOT bring these items with you:

    -- Food or drinks
    -- Liquids such as perfumes, lotion, etc.
    -- Electronics of any kind, including computers, telephones, MP3 players, etc.

    You should have all of the necesary forms and documents required for your appointment ready when you arrive at the embassy.  You will also need a valid photo ID.

    Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time so you can complete the security check.

Contact Non-Immigrant Visas

  • Non-Immigrant Visa Unit
    Open Monday - Friday
    7:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. 


    Tel:      509 2812-2929 (Haiti)
                1-703-544-7842 (U.S.A) 


    Non-Immigrant Visa Unit
    41 Route de Tabarre, Boulevard 15 Octobre
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

    Haiti Mailing Address:
    United State Embassy
    ATTN: Immigrant Visa Unit
    P.O. Box 1761
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti

    U.S. Mailing Address:
    U.S. Embassy Port-au-Prince
    Consular Section
    3400 Port-au-Prince Pl.
    Washington, DC  20521-3400