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2010 Press Releases

Statement by the Embassy of the United States Following the Publication of Results of the November 28 National Elections by the CEP

7 December 2010
2010/ 99

As Haiti enters the period of electoral contestation, it is essential that all political actors remain calm and encourage their supporters to do the same.  The United States, together with Haiti’s international community partners, stands ready to support efforts to thoroughly review irregularities in support of electoral results that are consistent with the will of the Haitian people expressed in their votes.

 Like others, the Government of the United States is concerned by the Provisional Electoral Council’s announcement of preliminary results from the November 28 national elections that are inconsistent with the published results of the National Election Observation Council (CNO), which had more than 5,500 observers and observed the vote count in 1,600 voting centers nationwide, election-day observations by official U.S. observers accredited by the CEP, and vote counts observed around the country by numerous domestic and international observers.

 Haiti’s transition to democracy over the past 24 years has seen many successes, overcoming major challenges.  The 2010 elections represent a critical test of whether the Haitian people will determine their destiny through their vote.  The United States is committed to the consolidation of democracy in Haiti and calls on the Government of Haiti, the CEP and all political forces to ensure that the will of the people is fully reflected in the outcome of this election.                     

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