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Programs and Events

Poetry Slam

To celebrate Poetry Month, a Slam poetry reading was held on April 13 at the Harold Courlander American Corner at FOKAL.  Sixty people joined U.S. diplomat Ajani Husbands at the intimate Café Fokal as he introduced them to Slam poetry.  The mood was extraordinary as audience members tried their hands at this young style of poetry.

Mr. Husbands says, “I have seen some of the best spoken word artists perform during my college years in northern California, and I have yet to witness such talent as I did at FOKAL.  Each slam poetry artist performed with such controlled ferocity that you simply could not take your eyes away.

“Slam poetry, in a sense, is a way of presenting poetry that demands that the speaker become that poetry. It’s an art form that calls for energy, theatrics, and emotion. Without these elements, it’s just poetry.”  

To read about Mr. Husband’s Slam experience at FOKAL:

Join us again on Wednesday, April 20 at 6 P.M. at FOKAL for another night of Slam!  On Thursday, April 28 at 2 P.M., the American Corner’s Cineclub hosts the French-language film Slam.